Chemicals for technical textiles

Chemicals for refining of textiles have a tradition at Schill+Seilacher since more than 100 years. We offer sophisticated solutions and services for glass fibre, cotton, wool, silk, viscose, polyester, polyamide, polyacryllic, polyolefines and blended fibres. Our customers benefits from our flame retardants, water and oil repellent products not to mention our antistatics.

As a renowned partner of the global textile industry, we offer forward-looking, innovative solutions of surpassing quality.

Our assortment comprises auxiliaries for the automotive industry, products for the construction industry and much more:

Flame retardants
Chemicals for technical textiles
  • Flame retardants. We offer a very wide range of halogen-based and halogen-free flame retardants as water-based solutions, dispersions, compounds as well as in powder form.
  • Biocides. Our Afrotin©-biocides ensures very good protection of the customers’ products against bacteria, yeast and all types of fungi.
  • Hydrophobization/Oleophobization. Various paraffin waxes, polymers, metal fatty acid soaps, fluorocarbon resins and much more for the effective water and oil repellence.
  • Additives/Finishing agents. Improvement of processability with our antistatics, defoamers, thickeners, finishing agents, cross-linkers.
  • Various silicone-based and silicone-free, hydrophilic and hydrophobic softeners.

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