Industrial filament yarn (IDY) extrusion


Industrial and technical yarns cover a large range of raw materials, yarn properties and fields of application. It is highly segmented market with extreme requirements concerning yarn tenacity, elongation and shrinkage. Industrial yarns are widely used in different field like tire manufacturing (cord), belts, ropes, fishing nets etc.


Spinning lines for production of technical yarn:

Developed by machinery experts of Trützschler Switzerland, industrial yarn extrusion concept symTTec stands for “total symmetry”. All yarns have the same angle from spinneret to the first contact point, improving filament cohesion. Special focus is given to melt creation and distribution to have an exact similarity in the geometry of each position. This allows for a very homogeneous melt distribution and uniform single filament titer. This technological concept as well as all components – extruder, spin beam, spin packs, annealer, quench cabinet, draw rolls and winders – are designed for the very best yarn quality.

The symTTec concept has been utilized in various configurations for high-tenacity (HT), super-high-tenacity (S-HT) and super-low-shrinkage (SLS) yarns, and is available in 2- or 4-ends configuration depending on yarn count, process requirements and economical aspects.

 Polymers that can be process with symTTec lines include PA6, PA66, PET, PP. All lines are equipped with the central computerized control system giving an overview and monitoring possibility of all status and settings.

Be confident before investing – testing in our technical centre is possible. For customers who want to experience our competence in actual practice, we offer a very special opportunity: a visit to our technical centre in Winterthur with testing facilities for industrial and BCF yarns. There you can benefit by implementing new product ideas, validating the entire process chain at production level from polymer to yarn. These tests also ensure that the production line can meet all current and future market requirements.

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