Spin Finish

Schill+Seilacher develops and manufactures spin finish oil for polyamide, polyester, polypropylene, polyethylene, rayon, acetate and elastomer fibers and yarns. Many years of experience on spin finishes and innovative technology ensure the production and downstream processing at maximum speed and highest quality standards with Schill + Seilacher spin finish. A variety of other products for the production and processing of high-quality fibers completes our range.

As an approved technology partner we support our customers around the world to meet their specific requirements. Fast and reliable deliveries.

Schill+Seilacher product range covers:

  • Spin finishes for textile and technical filament yarns (FDY/IDY)
  • Spin finishes for carpet yarns (BCF)
  • Spin finishes for texturized polyester and polyamide filament yarns (POY/DTY)
  • Lubricants and antistatic agents for staple fibers
  • Spin finishes and special additives for nonwovens (staple fiber and spunbond) for hygiene, medical and food industry applications
  • Special products like flame retardant, bactericide additives, cleaning agent of heated surfaces, spinnerets spray

Always in-time and competent!

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